• Gregory Landsman


I met a woman recently who had a deep interest in butterflies. She went on to explain the basics to me. They start off as caterpillars, eating their way through leaves then cocoon themselves and eventually turn into butterflies.

What I didn’t know was that to turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly is a feat of nature, a process that takes an extraordinary struggle for the butterfly to break out of the cocoon. But that struggle has a purpose. It strengthens the butterfly’s wings so that when it finally breaks free from the cocoon, it is able to fly. She explained to me that if nature had created an easier process for the butterfly its wings would never be strong enough and it would die.

Much like the butterfly, strengthening our own beauty wings is a personal journey that with all its challenges takes us closer to the truth of what makes us beautiful human beings. This can be challenging and often we look at situations and wonder why things have to be so difficult? Why are so many of us challenged in this area of our lives, never feeling as though we look how we would like to?

My own path through the world has shown me that for most of us there is a certain amount of struggle before we reach a point where we are strong enough to simply be free and fly as God intended us.

So on those days when you are feeling challenged, for something simple or more significant, try to keep in mind that you are strengthening your beauty wings and getting ready to fly.


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